Architectural Digest : These Rug Collaborations Have Us Floored

Emmett Moore for Odabashian

When rug manufacturer Odabashian asked Emmett Moore to create his first line of carpets, the Miami-based designer and sculptor looked back to the basics: checks and stripes. “I always start with the archetypes and break those down,” he explains. This time, he meant that quite literally. “I didn’t like how rigid these motifs were. It was counter to the material.” So he printed out images of patterns, laid them out on the ground, and physically wore them down, stomping on the paper and letting cars drive over the scraps. (“It was kind of liberating.”)

A few proved unusable, but most he scanned, pieced back together into digital collages, and overlaid with stock photos of traditional stone flooring like marble or terrazzo. “After they were damaged, they had a much more natural feel,” says Moore, who debuted five one-of-a-kind rugs, each a work of art, with Nina Johnson gallery at the Collective Design fair in March. —Hannah Martin


ARTSY EDITORIAL: These Miami Artists...

Miami native Moore feels totally invested in the city and its interconnected community. “An artist can do whatever they want here,” he says. “There aren’t a lot of external forces that dictate what kind of work should be made and that enables a kind of freedom that is hard to find in other cities.”

His work fluidly crosses between sculptural and architectural; he’s currently designing his own house. Many of his works for galleries, such as those shown with local gallery Nina Johnson, consider the structures of furniture—juggling ideas of function, form, politics, and social dynamics. “A lot of my work aims to break down perceived ideas of value based on materials and functionality,” Moore says."

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ARTSY: Emmett Moore’s Puzzle-Like Shapes and Steel Sculptures

Last month, Gallery Diet in Miami hosted a selection of Emmett Moore’s recent work unified by a theme of fracture. The Miami-based artist and designer created steel sculptures and tangram-like configurations consisting of concrete, resin, and fiberglass. His freestanding, minimalist sculptures provided a lovely visual contrast to geometric, wall-mounted pieces painted blue, brick-red, and earthy brown.

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Emmett Moore: Human Factory at the BassX Gallery

"Miami-based sculptor and designer Emmett Moore, creates inventive pieces that combine objects to test the limits of their form and function. Many of his works explore conditions of display. For his exhibition Human Factory at the Bass Museum of Art’s BassX Gallery, Moore takes inspiration from the quintessential design manual “Human Dimension and Interior Space” by Julius Pinero and Martin Zelnik. Using standard calculations from the source book as referents for the scale and dimensions of this new body of work, Moore creates a trio of sculptures that challenge and call attention to the human body’s relation to designed forms."

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MIAMI NEW TIMES: Best Artist 2015

"Emmett Moore's exhibit at Design Miami last year brought peak 305 flair to the art fair — and cemented the gallery representing him, Gallery Diet, as the first Miami-based space to earn a spot at Design Miami in its ten-year history. "

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Emmett Moore on the Role of Tech in His Space-Age New York Show

"Emmett Moore on the Role of Tech in His Space-Age New York Show:

When International Space Station Commander Barry Wilmore needed a socket wrench last year, NASA quickly designed a digital model of the tool and essentially “emailed” the file to the space station, where it was 3D-printed. In a matter of days, the first object completely manufactured in space was born—and with it comes a fascination for the boundless areas technology is allowing us to reach."

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ARTSY EDITORIAL: Design Miami 2014

Artsy Editorial on Design Miami 2014

"With his solo exhibition at Gallery Diet, Emmett Moore has the distinction of being the fair’s first local designer to be featured by a Miami gallery. The designer-sculptor is best known for projects that cleverly undermine the distinctions between form and function, art and design, and refuse to stay within the confines of a single discipline."

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"About this piece: Emmett Moore is a Miami-based sculptor and designer who's enthralled by the complexities of function and form. His most recent projects comprise site-specific installations and private commissions such as the visitor-friendly decks on the lawn of the Bass Museum of Art in Collins Park. "

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Miami Artist Spotlight

"The Magic City is known as a place of excess: where glitter, rhinestones, tie-dye, loud color and louder music never seem to fall out of style. There are artists in Miami that have followed in this outrageous trail through their respective bodies of work. One artist whose work has proven to be a marked reversal of that aesthetic is Emmett Moore."

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New Work Miami in The Miami Rail

"The Miami Art Museum, en route to a better home and hanging gardens, has staged a love letter to the city as its final show in the old place, an epistle both endearing and sly. Meet the Miami we all know—its flashy environment, natural and built; its hidden narratives, historical and current; its backstories, real and imagined; its ready-mades, and its artifice. New Work Miami 2013 is about Miami, the magic city, and about Miami, Oz.

The exhibition is a group effort of a new sort, not just because there are 11 Miami artists involved in the show, but because two of them—Consuelo Castañeda and Emmett Moore—designed the presentation, heavily influencing its look and its ironic spirit. "

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Studio Visit: Emmett Moore | AVANT/GARDE DIARIES

Avant Garde Diaries Studio Visit with Emmett Moore...

Emmett Moore is a Miami based designer whose work questions the line between furniture and art, function and design. Interested in sculptural problem solving and fabrication, Moore rethinks tables, hanging lights, and wall tiles to smart and basic forms. He recently co-curated Miami Art Museum’s New Work Miami exhibit and had a recent solo show at Gallery Diet titled, “Surface Tension”. Moore is represented by Gallery Diet in Miami.

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Counter Production: Knight Foundation Write Up

Very well written and kind words by Anne Tschida. Check out the write-up by clicking above.

“You could call him a furniture maker, maybe even in the tradition of a Bauhaus lineage, where the physical item remains a functional item made not just for decoration; one could call him an interior designer, working with facades and tactile coverings and architectural space; or one could simply call him a contemporary sculptor. Each individual description would be too limiting.”

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